I first started Karate (Shotokai) sometime in 1974, i trained for a few months but being a lorry driver I couldn't always get to the Dojo, so I gave up for a long time. Sometime later I joined the Rising Sun school of Karate, some time later I joined the British Shotokan Karate Shinboku Association 16.01.1984, under Sensei Selwyn Gould Sandan.

After about two years the club changed to the Bushido Academy under Sensei Joseph Mappin Yondan Ju-Jitsu, I went through the various grades they were hard but you did them.I took my Shodan under 17.03.1988 under Sensei Mappin and Sempai Joe Sullivan.

I started my own club ( Transport Karate Club), and later went on to join Zanshin Kai under Norman holloway and his brothe Clive who were in turn unber Sensei Mike Burnant Godan with whom I took my Nidan. In 1992 I joined the KUW under Sensei Mike O'brien on 11.12.1994 I graded to Sandan, after a couple more years I then moved on to join the WSKU under Sensei's Chico and Jerry Mbakwe 7th dan and here we are up to date, W.S.Eglen Yondan.

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