SENSEI STUART HOCKEY 4th DANI began training in 1984. I attended my first class with two friends, I remember my first night both my friends decided to watch the first class but I decided to join in which was nothing at all like anything I had tried before. I remember Sensei asking if I ever played football when we were doing kicks, I'm glad we didn't have any video recordings back then.

Sensei also used an assistant at the time I remember very well a tall yet pencil like object called "Shinai" (Katana-like sword made of Bamboo strips, used in Kendo) which after a couple of cracks made my stances improved dramatically.

At the time there were some top international fighters in the club and I was very impressed with them and the discipline of how the club was run. I can honestly say that I knew it was something that I would very much enjoy from then on.

In May 1989 I passed my Shodan Grade with Sensei Asano in Nottingham with whom I had also passed my previous Kyu Grades with. During this time I had the pleasure of training with Masao Kawasoe in

Cearleon Karate Club on numerous occasions, I was then training at least 4 times per week. I have also been fortunate enough to train with the likes of Sensei Kanazawa and the late Sensei Enoeda.

Gordon Ogle starting training at our club in October 1988.

Over the years I have been inspired by both Sensei Chico Mbakwe and Sensei Gordon Ogle whom is a very good technician indeed.

Some of the British Instructors that has also impressed me are Rick

Jackson and Aidan Trimble and Dave Hazard as anyone who has attended one of his classes cannot but be inspired and driven by his enthusiasm for his art.

I passed my Nidan in January 1994 and my Third Dan in October 1999 which I remember vividly having been up against Gordon Ogle an experience I remember being both painful and exciting at the same time.

I was awarded Yondon in December 2005 by both my Instructors whom I have great respect for.

My wish is to remain in good health and keep training with as much passion, enthusiasm and commitment that are shown to me by my Sensei's whom I am very proud to be associated with.

I regularly assist with teaching at the parent Dojo (South Glamorgan Shotokan KC) and also at the South Glamorgan Transport Dojo in Fairwater with Sensei Phil Hiatt.


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