ChicoI was born in the docks area of Cardiff in 1945 and started practicing karate in January 1971 with the Rising Sun School of Karate Club which was based in a community centre in Loudon Square, the heart of the world renowned Tiger Bay. The club was affiliated to the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) until 1975 but stayed with Sensei’s Shiro Asano and Hirokazu Kanazawa when they split to form the SKI (Shotokan Karate International). During this time my instructors were Sensei’s Selwyn Gould, Sid Nogan, Peter Moore and Jerry Mbakwe. Peter and Sid went there separate way in1976, then my brother and I parted company with Selwyn in 1978,we then  sadly broke away from Sensei Asano and the SKI in May 1991 to form our own association, the Welsh Shotokan Karate Union.

I can honestly say my whole life has revolved around sport in one form or another. Throughout my school years I was a keen amateur boxer; I played football and baseball and swam for my school competitively, however my biggest passion was and still is rugby. On leaving school it was onto the rugby field that my sporting career progressed, playing for the very famous Cardiff and District side, the C.I.A.C. and yes I was a very good and aggressive player, although that is not by my own admission. Unfortunately my playing career was cut short by a nasty knee injury and eighteen months later I started training in the martial arts.

I was graded to shodan in August 1974 by Asano Sensei, but due to the continuing problems caused when Asano and Kanazawa Sensei formed the SKI whilst still in the KUGB was unable to grade to nidan until 1982. This I obtained from Kanazawa Sensei. I then went on to gain my sandan from Asano Sensei in 1985 and my yondan in 1989. This was by means of a Japanese panel, headed by Asano Sensei and assisted by Aragane, Nagi, Akita and Norio Kawazoe. I was awarded godan in 1993, then rokudan in 1999 by the EKF. Finally shichidan was awarded to me by the Welsh Karate Governing Board in January 2006. Being the first Karateka in Wales to be honoured with  this grade.

I competed in my first tournament eight months after I started training, gaining a bronze medal in the team event at the West of England Championships at Exeter University in September 1971. This is where I first encountered the formidable Dave Hazard. My competition career was a long and fairly distinguished one, going on to represent Wales at international level at the  Senior EKF Championships in Ostend, Belgium in 1975 and competing in two SKI World Championships, the highlight being in Japan in 1988. As my competitive career came to an end I took an interest in refereeing. The main reason I focused on this was due to the amount of bad and biased officiating that I had witnessed and had been a victim of.

Chico Mbakwe - Chairman referee Commission (WKGB)

Starting out seemed to come fairly natural, a couple of waves of the arms here, a wave of the flags there. Hmmm !! It couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was invited to a governing body refereeing course where it became apparent to me how complex referring could be and I was cruelly exposed to the reality of proper officiating, I was taken under the wing of Keith Mumberson the then chief referee of the governing body and pointed in the right direction, qualifying as a Welsh National Judge in 1984 and then referee in 1986. My European honours I gained in 1990, qualifying as a kumite judge “A” in Vienna and then kumite referee “A” in Prague in 1993. These were followed by world judge “A” qualification in South Africa in 1996 and then the ultimate refereeing qualification, world referee “A” in Rio De Janeiro Brazil in 1998.

I could go on with kumite honours but it would start to read like a book. I’d like to thank a lot of people for the help in getting where I am today, and to those people it is a great big thanks, but the biggest thanks has to go to my brother Jerry for all his support and belief in me, thanks big Bro, and to Master Asano for his strong basics, he’s a bloody hard man.

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